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Our core team

Meet the passionate souls behind Dwellable.

Anne Perry

CEO | Co-founder

Anne Perry is a home designer and entrepreneur obsessed with finding creative solutions and hidden-in-plain-sight possibilities. She has built several successful businesses including an online magazine for women entrepreneurs, a digital marketing agency and a vacation rental business, and has consulted hundreds of companies on business design and process management.

Growing up with financial burdens, Anne developed a sense of resourcefulness and conviction that when the front door to an opportunity is locked, there must be a side door. This “side door” outlook influences everything she does, from home design (multi-functional spaces that adapt with a family’s changing needs) to business (just because things have always been that way doesn’t mean they should be).

Anne believes real-world problems can be solved by thoughtful design as well as generative business models, and is committed to delivering both with Dwellable.

Ali Hayes

COO | Co-founder

Ali Hayes devotes her perspectives as a businesswoman and mama to deliver solutions for accessibility.

Professionally, she has over 20 years experience as a sales executive in the medical device, software, tech and non-profit sectors. Her most recent initiative helped over 1000 children experience walking with the assistance of robotics.

Ali’s success stems from knowing her customers well, as her own 9-year-old son, Kawai, requires 24/7 care due to a birth injury called hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, which resulted in cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

Ali knows first hand how difficult it can be navigating inaccessibility in most daily situations. Finding a home for her and Kawai became a years-long journey to no avail and so, with Dwellable, Ali is thrilled to not only have a solution for herself but to bring it to other families as well.

Rachel O'Hagan

Investment Relations | LEOA Connect

Rachel O’Hagan is our gold-hearted queen of connections. She brings investment, grant, and sponsorship opportunities to organizations and individuals looking to make a difference with their dollars in partnership with Dwellable. Mother of 4-year-old Beau who has spinal muscular atrophy and 2-year-old Rory, Rachel is a fierce stand for a world that is inclusive of all people.

Dee Torres

Content & Social Media Manager

Dee Torres infuses creativity into all she pursues, including her focus on content strategy and social media management. As a single mom of three boys, her resilience and vibrant energy fuel her passion to embrace all life has to offer. At Dwellable, Dee dedicates her innovative approach to engaging audiences and navigating market trends in service of creating an equitable world.

Tara Moreno

Home Sales | Remax Realty

Tara Moreno is a seasoned realtor specializing in Northern Colorado, home of the first Dwellable boutique neighborhood. With an entrepreneurial spirit and extensive background in land development, new construction and new home sales, Tara loves helping clients achieve their dreams of finding their brand new perfect home.

Team Punapods

Revolutionary Building System

Punapods was co-founded by designer/builder Carl Gillberg and prefab construction developer LeRoy West. The team brings decades of experience in all facets of real estate development along with a shared dedication to eco-conscious building and sustainable living. Moreover, Punapods proprietary building system surpasses the standards of engineering excellence, allowing Dwellable to deliver top quality homes with jaw-dropping modern aesthetic.

Our trusted advisors

Expertise supporting us to deliver only the best.

Lorraine Woodward

Founder & CEO | Becoming rentABLE

A lifelong disabilities advocate, Lorraine Woodward is recognized among the 2022 Top 20 influencers across travel, hospitality & real estate. After years of struggling to find short-term stays for herself and her 2 adult sons, all of whom have muscular dystrophy, Lorraine founded Becoming rentABLE, which offers a portfolio of accessible rental properties and an accessibility certification for vacation homes.

Kai Andrew

Real Estate Entrepreneur | Land Hacker

Kai Andrew merged his strategic business acumen and background in construction engineering to build an innovative real estate company specializing in unique short-term rental projects. As an investor, property developer and educator, Kai is known for creative design, a customer-centric value-add philosophy, and multi-income stream revenue models.

Sierra White

Real Estate Operations | Flourish Network

Sierra White is a seasoned business professional with over 19 years of financial management and business development, and is renowned as a top-producing realtor, passionate about brokering win-win solutions. Her collaboration with Flourish Real Estate Network is cultural above all else, aligning with the organization’s focus on breaking down barriers that impede home ownership and bringing real change to the world.

Jessie Pellant

Founder & Managing Partner | StudioIP

Jessie Pellant is founder of StudioIP, a law firm and creative agency specializing brand design and protection. She is our trusted advisor in high level business strategy identifying and securing Dwellable’s intellectual property. Jessie has been listed as a Colorado Super Lawyer for the past 9 years, named a 5280 Top Lawyer in 2021 and 2022, and was awarded Denver’s 40 Under 40 in 2022.

Our company values

How we do what we do matters, and this is how we roll.

Create Opportunities

We identify creative solutions to overcome barriers both for our company and for our clients and customers. We generate win-win-win arrangements for all involved. When the front door is locked, we find the side door. We know anything is possible, we see what could be, and we transform old paradigms into new realities.

Optimize Superpowers

We respect and admire the unique brilliance in everyone. We match team roles and responsibilities with strengths and passions. We outsource our gap areas knowing they are another’s genius. We fuel ourselves by honoring our natural rhythms of inspired action and sacred rest. We work in alignment with our nature and pleasure, knowing this leads to excellence.

Speak Truth

We are committed to honoring our own truth and the truth of others. We communicate cleanly and transparently. We say yes to our yes’s and no to our no’s. We prioritize authenticity over people-pleasing and create a safe space for others to do the same. We speak up to advocate for those we serve.

Champion Badassery

We see ourselves and others as capable and powerful. We show up fully while also holding space for others to radiate their light. We advocate that disabilities are not a problem, a society that is ableist and inaccessible is the problem. We believe those who have traditionally been denied a seat at the table should be at the head of it.

Expect Integrity

We honor our word. We operate from pure intentions and expect the same from anyone with whom we do business. We refuse to compromise our mission for money. We design all our investments, public relations, and operations to ripple goodness and elevate all.

Trust Magic

We dream big and allow ourselves to be delighted by ‘even better.’ We expect the right people and opportunities to find their way to us naturally with ease. We follow our intuition, taking roads as they reveal themselves. We listen to synchronicities and respect detours, trusting Life’s guidance toward the highest and best outcomes. We do not force, we flow.

Have Fun

Even though we’re solving serious problems, we don’t take ourselves too seriously and we bring levity to our work. We celebrate our wins. We are not above ordering the business woman special, Romy & Michele style. Laughing, personal side conversations, and goofing around in business meetings are encouraged.

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