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"This brings tears to my eyes because this makes anything possible. To go outside of my house and be with other people. To take care of my physical health. For everyone to be included. I'd have so much more time with my family and myself because of the ease of things, and to be surrounded by beauty every day makes me so happy.”
πŸ’› Lacey
Mom of Pierce who has cerebral palsy (7 years old) and Morgan (4 years old)
β€œEveryone will have mobility issues at some point. I absolutely love the solution Dwellable is providing, not only for individuals and families that need it now, but for those who will need it someday.”
πŸ’› Michelle Lange
Occupational Therapist
β€œI feel like when we had our son I had to give up being in a nice environment. Most equipment and home solutions are an eyesore to look at and they take up so much space. It might sound like a small thing, but it makes a huge difference to a person's wellbeing to be in a home that feels open and spacious and beautiful to look at.”
πŸ’› Rachel O'Hagan
Mother of Beau who has spinal muscular atrophy (4 years old) and Rory (2 years old)
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