Modern accessible homes designed for every body.

Now accepting applications for the first boutique community of stunning modern homes built specifically for a life of ease, connection, and beauty.

We build accessible dream homes.

Whether you've been searching for a house that accommodates a disability, your forever home to age in place, or one that supports your family's evolving needs, you deserve:


Beyond basic accessibility requirements, your home will be a joy to navigate as you move about your day.


An environment built for any body welcomes everybody. Commune with friends and neighbors in your home and beyond.


With clean lines and natural elements, every detail of your modern sanctuary is designed to inspire.

You shouldn't have to force-fit into a home.

🚫 You shouldn’t have to spend a fortune retrofitting a home. It’s unacceptable that fewer than 5% of houses are accessible.

🚫 You shouldn’t have to deal with constant micro-decisions and over-planning just to go out and be in the world.

🚫 You shouldn’t have to choose between functional practicality and a gorgeous home environment.


It's okay to expect the world from your home.

Universal Design Home

Each Dwellable home is designed for folks of any age and ability. Whether you have a disability or are a caregiver, whether you are an older adult with limited mobility or you just like the idea of a house that works for everyone, our speciality is universal design homes that are seamless to navigate, have plentiful storage, and meet your unique needs in more ways than you can probably currently imagine.

Boutique Neighborhood

Since home doesn't start and stop at the doors of your house, Dwellable doesn't either. With meandering walkways, integrated nature, and community spaces, it's easy to connect with neighbors or just enjoy the sanctuary of your home both inside and out. A Dwellable neighborhood also includes commercial space for service providers, such as therapists and hairdressers, to support you and your family.

Unique Design

We have partnered with Punapods to bring you a home that is revolutionary in every way. With an eco-conscious, prefab panelized manufacturing approach, combined with a proprietary building system that surpasses the standards of engineering excellence, we are able to deliver a top quality house with jaw-dropping modern aesthetic that will have you feeling like you are living in the pages of an architecture magazine.

Built-In Income

Really? Really. One of the signature features of a home by Dwellable is a 'convertible guest suite.' Not your typical accessory dwelling unit, a convertible guest suite can easily merge with or disconnect from your primary home - just another way your home accommodates your evolving needs. Grow into your space, host a caregiver, rent out your suite to cover your house payment, or mix and match as desired.

We know what it's like to spend years searching for a home that truly meets our families' needs (and our heart's desires).

When we couldn't find it, we created it.
"This brings tears to my eyes because this makes anything possible. To go outside of my house and be with other people. To take care of my physical health. For everyone to be included. I'd have so much more time with my family and myself because of the ease of things, and to be surrounded by beauty every day makes me so happy.”
πŸ’› Lacey
Mom of Pierce who has cerebral palsy (7 years old) and Morgan (4 years old)
β€œEveryone will have mobility issues at some point. I absolutely love the solution Dwellable is providing, not only for individuals and families that need it now, but for those who will need it someday.”
πŸ’› Michelle Lange
Occupational Therapist
β€œI feel like when we had our son I had to give up being in a nice environment. Most equipment and home solutions are an eyesore to look at and they take up so much space. It might sound like a small thing, but it makes a huge difference to a person's wellbeing to be in a home that feels open and spacious and beautiful to look at.”
πŸ’› Rachel O'Hagan
Mother of Beau who has spinal muscular atrophy (4 years old) and Rory (2 years old)
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